A Brick Art is beautiful, unique and special, Work of Art and they last forever. It captures a moment in time and you will appreciate them more as the years go by.

  • You will have endless hours of enjoyment and satisfaction in looking at your completed mosaic
  • It is a Unique, personalised gift
    • Demonstrate thoughts and effort.
    • Cannot be re-gifted and will most likely be displayed, gaining constant mindshare with the recipient.
  • After a hard days’ work, assembling the mosaic is Relaxing and Calming, it improves one’s Mood and reduce Anxiety
    • The Mosaic can be built slowly over time at one’s own pace
    • Can be kept at any time without mess, unlike a Jigsaw Puzzle

For kids:

  • Improve Mathematics
    • Counting, coordinates (x- and y- axis), percentages
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
  • Improved Color Visualisation
    • Color distinction
  • Increased Focus, Attention to Details
  • Develop patience
  • Sense of Achievement
    • A small child can build a Large Complicated Mosaic all by himself/herself plate-by-plate using our Assembly Module*
  • Develop Teamwork and Family Bonding Time (different family members can assemble different plates of the same mosaic)
  • Learn tablet navigation

Most importantly, this is something the child will cherish over time unlike any other brick toys which they will outgrow.

* Patent Pending