We are Bricks enthusiasts that share a common interest in Lego and Nanoblocks. We stumbled upon the everlasting nature of Brick Arts, which are Mosaic Artworks assembled from Lego or Nano bricks.

We want to share the joy of assembling and owning a Brick Art and decided that anybody, young and old, should be able to do so affordably.

However to create your own Brick Art is a complicated and time consuming affair.

  • Figure out the colored bricks that you have, to form your Color Palette.

  • Download a Photo Editing or Mosaic Generation Software

  • Input your Color Palette into the Software

  • Upload a photo into the Software and generate your Instruction Map

  • You may find out that you do not have sufficient inventory of bricks and need to source for these in online marketplaces such as BrickLink. This will be costly

  • Finally you have to piece together the Brick Art using the hard-to-follow Instruction Map