• Selfies are 16*24cm-sized special single plate that can render a portrait photo to a Mosaic Brick Art that fits nicely into a B5 photo frame.

  • It can be in Black-and-White Sketch (~$40) or Full Color (~$70).

Brick Arts

  • Assembled from multiple 20*20 plates.

  • Each 20*20 plate is 8cm*8cm in size.

  • Black or White Sketch or Full Color.

  • As a guide each face in the photo should occupy approximately 2*3 (=6) plates.

3D Brick Arts

Using special slope bricks, we can create impressive looking 3-D Brick Art which shows two different images when viewed from different angles!

iPhone Cases

Customizable Mosaic Mobile Phone Covers for iPhone devices. See examples


  • Caps with changeable Brick Art designs to suit your mood and match your outfit. See examples

  • Two designs:
    • Flat Visor
    • Baseball Cap (Curve Visor)
  • Various Colors

  • Resizable Strap


  • Customized messages can be added to any Brick Arts!

  • Two choices: Black Letters on White Base or White Letters on Black Base