Turn your favourite photos into beautiful brick arts

A brick art is the perfect gift for any occasion

Commemorate any events:
• Personal ones such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, child births, festivals, gatherings


• Corporate event such as company openings, product launches, a new company logo, promotions/retirements, or any marketing events
Capture and immortalise these unique moments in brick arts.

Turn your favourite photos into beautiful brick arts

Iron Man

Using special slope bricks, we can create impressive looking 3-D Brick Art which shows two different images when viewed from different angles! For more informations about this product and video from different views click on button under.


We are looking at like-minded people to help us expand our network of Brick-and-Mortar locations, so that anyone around the world can enjoy the fun of assembling a Brick Art instantly, without having to wait for long delivery time.


Express your love in Bricks

You can select from many of ready designs for your Valentine, or super-impose Heart shape or Text to a mosaic Brick Art photo of your loved ones!

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Our 3D Brick Art was presented to international singer Cai Qin

https://www.uweekly.sg/showbiz/74254 The Brick Art shows the concert poster in one view, and the concert details in the other.

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